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Social Sales with Midland National

Today we hosted several sales teams and extended a special welcome to the team from Midland National insurance (see our announcement about Sammons Financial Group). We covered the Gainfully experience end-to-to, with a special focus on key topics including:

  • Discovering the latest sales and content marketing from your companies
  • Automating distribution of content to social media in support of your social sales strategy
  • Becoming a go-to content resource for agents and advisors in your network

You can watch the entire webinar below (58:55 run time), the content of which applies to any sales professional utilizing Gainfully. If you are a financial professional and want to follow Midland National, follow this signup link to create a free account in about 30 seconds.

Thank you again for the great attendance today. Again, please send any support or compliance related questions to [email protected] and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Welcomes Sammons Financial Group Companies!

We’re thrilled to announce Sammons Financial Group companies have joined Gainfully’s compliant content platform for financial professionals, serving their thousands of agents and advisors with engaging content resources.

With Gainfully pages for both Midland National and North American, Sammons Financial Group is empowering appointed agents, advisors, and institutional partners with enhanced access to marketing and sales support for social media, the web, mobile, and more.

These new pages build on Gainfully’s library of over 100,000 content items used by thousands of professionals across over 50 broker-dealers, RIAs, BGAs, all with support for institution-specific compliance.

Is your firm interested in empowering agents and advisors to engage clients with your content? Do you need support adding SFG Member company pages to your institutional content policy? Reach out to our team at [email protected] for more information.

Lincoln Investment Joins Gainfully’s Platform

Lincoln Investment, a leading broker-dealer with over 800 financial advisors nationwide and serving over 270,000 clients representing over $24.7 billion in assets, has chosen Gainfully as a compliance-supported social media platform for its advisors. Gainfully is thrilled to support their advisors’ growth.

Gainfully is now the leading network for financial professionals, brokerage, product, and service institutions, and enabling the sharing of compliant content with clients across social, web, and mobile media channels.

For broker-dealers, Gainfully combines industry-driven content with supervision and advisor publishing tools into a single package, dramatically reducing compliance overhead while improving the advisor-client experience.

Lincoln Investment joins Gainfully’s roster of leading broker-dealer firms, aggressively supporting their advisors with the digital marketing and sales support tools necessary to compete in a constantly shifting industry.

600 Advisors: Scaling a Broker-Dealer’s Social Media

Money Concepts is an independent broker-dealers based in Florida. When they made a commitment to increase their support of social media for their more than 600 advisors around the country, they were concerned about the workload this could create for their compliance department.

That’s when they turned to Gainfully to support their program. In this case study we’ll take a look at how they have been able to offer success-oriented social media across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter while keeping compliance overhead extremely low.

Program Goals

The Money Concepts leadership and Gainfully success team worked to design a program that could achieve a number of specific goals. First, Money Concepts wanted to ensure that all of their advisors could access the program. This includes scaling the program so that advisors aren’t left behind for cost or logistics reasons. It also requires that any advisors regardless of technical proficiency can access the program, not just younger power users.

Secondly, a goal of equipping advisors with not just the technology and compliance, but also the marketing content to share was very important: Money Concepts knew from experience that without content it’s impossible for small or solo offices to effectively utilize any program they might deploy.

Thirdly — and related to the first goal of offering the program to all advisors — the resulting workload for compliance needed to be manageable and fit into the existing workflow for their compliance group. Only Gainfully could offer this experience.

Results: Staggering Scalability

The Gainfully content algorithm works to always prioritize content that is A. already approved (or whitelisted) B. performing well with clients, and C. reinforcing value for the firm. This means that when you approve a content item, it’s automatically prioritized for any additional advisors within the firm.

The effect of these recommendations are to recycle the effort of your compliance team on any reviewed item, ensuring that the time and cost spent reviewing is leveraged many times over. The results of this are easy to see in the graph below, which shows how, even as advisors and content sharing activity increases linearly, the compliance costs

Blue “shares” show the number of content items shared by advisors on the platform. Grey “advisors” are the total number of advisors in the program. Red “All reviews” are the total number of compliance ad reviews needed to support the entire program.

Recommendations also come into effect in sharing behavior: when a Money Concepts advisors build their personal libraries for automatic sharing, cards will first be prioritized to be shared immediately. Then, only as the queue ranking of unapproved cards rises will the card be “triggered” for review.

Added together over the life of the program, and comparing it to the time required for any three models that Gainfully’s content engine replaces, Money Concepts has saved in excess of 4 months of man-hour time over the past 6 months.

Breaking Down how Gainfully Helped

10,000 Shareable Content Items in 5 Minutes

The first step in configuring Gainfully for Money Concepts was to add a long list of their preferred providers and conditions for whitelisting these providers. Because Gainfully builds a master library as a service that draws on the content published by over 300 leading financial services companies, broker-dealers like Money Concepts can choose to leverage their expertise and experience in creating client-facing content to providing instant and ongoing access to a massive set of content resources.

In this particular case, Money Concepts chose to whitelist content from 46 different FINRA-regulated firms if it was marked as non-advertising content, included a FINRA clean letter, or was broker-dealer use only. This set of filters enabled their over 600 advisors to discovery about 10,000 shareable content items without any additional prior-review.

Customized App Features to Accelerate Use

To streamline the publishing experience, Money Concepts chose to disallow the advisor-provided comments field, removing a step that can cause friction both for advisors and the compliance teams.

The comments field is often treated as an open space for editorializing on content. By disallowing this field Money Concepts compliance could remove the “what to say” question while also reducing their compliance review by about 50%.


Without an editorializing capability, the content is shared with one of a preset comments on the content and greater sharing activity and compliance adherence is the result.

Original Content & Content Discovery

In addition to the instant library of ~10,000 items, Money Concepts’ marketing team leveraged their in-house content strategy to augment their advisors’ experience and provided an additional layer of service.


Their content includes shareable video profiles for dozens of their advisors, enabling the advisors to quickly share a personal video to any of their social media accounts and let prospective clients “face to face”.

If an advisor sought out additional content, they can also request that it be approved and made available, either by a direct “request” or by just adding it to their personal library.

Gainfully welcomes Delaware Life to the Platform

We’re happy to announce Delaware Life has joined Gainfully’s compliant marketing platform for financial professionals to provide its professional partners and institutions with enhanced access to marketing and sales support materials.

A leading insurance provider based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Delaware Life is focused on delivering cutting-edge marketing and sales support services to agents and advisors, and Gainfully will now help those financial professionals more easily engage their clients across digital platforms.

The Gainfully platform enables insurers and asset managers to make branded content available to financial advisors, agents, and brokers. Meanwhile broker-dealers can easily supervise what content is approved for their financial professionals to share.

Since launching in 2015, Gainfully has served thousands of financial professionals, published over 90,000 compliant social media posts, and enabled dozens of broker-dealers to supervise registered representatives.

About Delaware Life: Delaware Life is a leading provider of annuity and life insurance products in the United States. We were established in August 2013, in connection with the purchase by Delaware Life Holdings, LLC (Delaware Life) of the domestic U.S. annuity business and certain U.S. life and corporate markets insurance businesses of Sun Life Financial Inc.

About Gainfully: Gainfully is the first open marketing platform for the financial services industry that delivers branded marketing content and campaigns to advisors in a completely SEC/FINRA-compliant environment. Learn more at


NEXT Financial Helping Advisors use Social Media with Gainfully

With the changing face of the client experience, enabling advisors to be present on digital channels has never been more important. NEXT Financial embraced change ahead of the curve to keep its advisors competitive, adopting social media in 2014.

Now, with a strategy centered on timely client resources, the Houston, Texas-based NEXT Financial is empowering advisors not just by approving social media, but also by actively supporting the development of timely, client-centric content with a sophisticated content strategy.

The strategy includes a mixture of original and curated content, delivered daily to their advisors online or on their smartphones via Gainfully, enabling them to quickly discover and share important market, concept, and general interest content with their networks.

Peter Delehanty, NEXT Financial CMO says, “As technology progresses towards more online engagement, NEXT is proactively seeking different social media channels to provide more options for advisors to communicate their expertise with their audience.”

Since launching with Gainfully, NEXT has seen its content shared hundreds of times — but more importantly their advisors are having content developed at NEXT seen by their clients and prospects across social media, especially LinkedIn.

Sigma, Parkland Broker-Dealers Choose Gainfully

Sigma Financial Corporation and Parkland Securities, LLC — two of’s top 10 broker-rated independent broker-dealers* — have chosen Gainfully to help power relationship-building through social media for their registered representatives.

The two service-focused firms are deploying Gainfully to help their representatives establish and maintain their online presence while improving and solidifying their client relationships through activity on LinkedIn, leveraging Gainfully’s network of over 90,000 content items and social automation capabilities.

“We are excited to offer Gainfully to our registered representatives for their use in social media and online networks,” said Angela Bourgeois, Compliance Officer who focuses on Social Media for the two broker-dealers. “The Gainfully product offers relevant, timely, shareable content from a wide range of sources. As independent broker-dealers, we seek to provide tools that work well in supporting our consultative approach to servicing our reps, which we believe is one of Gainfully’s best attributes.” Angela added, “Approved content on Gainfully may be used by our reps to help them maintain frequent social media activity without having to continually create or search for compliant content.”

Gainfully is a network of financial advisors supporting brokerage, product, and service institutions, sharing compliant content with clients across social, web, and mobile media channels.

For broker-dealers, Gainfully combines industry-driven content with supervision and advisor publishing tools into a single package, dramatically reducing compliance overhead while improving the advisor-client experience.

Parkland Securities, LLC and Sigma Financial Corporation are full service independent broker-dealer firms located at 300 Parkland Plaza, Ann Arbor, MI.

*(, March 8, 2016 Issue, “The Top Broker-Rated IBDs 2016”)

Please, don’t sell me!

Just so we’re clear. The days of white shoes and a belt to match are gone. Don’t get me wrong. I have aluminum siding, fuller brushes, a kirby vacuum, and a garage full of girl scout cookies. I love to get sold stuff. But not everyone does. In fact many people simply just won’t buy what you’re selling because that’s not the way it works any more.


Now, people become buyers over time. A great closing line won’t do it. A great sales pitch won’t do it. Even a great product at a great price won’t do it. What WILL do it is taking the time to help people sell themselves. Sales in the future will be enabling people with great content that will convince them of the value of your product. When they are ready you will want to be there, as their content provider, their product buying concierge, at the ready to give them what they want.

That is why social networking is so important because it is your contribution to those that may want to know you, but need time to get comfortable. You’re channel of content is your sales pitch but over a period of time, not all at once. Eventually some will reach out to you and then your job will be share, help, and not sell. If you attack, they’ll scurry away, I promise…. regardless of how cheap your vinyl siding is. Provide them more knowledge. Help them understand. Be a resource. Share and be patient. You’ll be the one that closes the sale.

The harder we work, the luckier we get.

At Gainfully we have been toiling hard to build something awesome:  to give financial professionals a great way to discover and use knowledge. But not just knowledge that is random or academic. We’re talking about current, relevant, and actionable knowledge that can magnify their business.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.38.05 PM

If you are reading this you know we are the premier source of compliant and shareable content in the industry, and that aspect of what we do is getting better every day….but we didn’t see this coming! Because our content comes from the best companies, and is updated continuously, many advisers and agents are turning to us to get their daily news.

It actually makes a lot of sense because it’s efficient. You can immediately see all the content that you want just by logging on. If you want to see what’s hot, or new, or getting posted on any given topic it’s only a click away. And here is the best part: If you find something that you want to share or send via email it’s only two more clicks of a mouse.

We didn’t start as a news organization for advisers but in many ways that’s what we’ve become. We love to hear that advisers are using us to find out what’s really going on. Lucky us.