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LinkedIn is Changing. What Does it Mean for You?

We’ve been wondering when LinkedIn would update to reflect the much fresher, usable design on mobile, and on Thursday they gave us the answer.

Now joined at the hip with Microsoft, the updated will reflect much more of the “social” DNA present in the mobile app, along with a “fully modern” design experience.

For financial professionals, here’s a couple things to keep in mind as we watch these changes roll out:

Don’t Mistake the New Messenger


Messaging will be an even more prominent part of the user experience, feeling much more like Facebook’s chat application, which you may be familiar with from Be careful though: just like the previous chat experience on LinkedIn, messages may need to be captured and supervised by your home office.

Consider Your Profile Design


Along with the updated design across the board, the new promises to emphasize the graphics and art on your profile even more prominently. It’s worth taking a look at your profile banner and photo. Does it best reflect your business?

Static Content Rules Have Not Changed

The guidance on static content from FINRA has not changed in regards to your LinkedIn profile, so be wary of modifying any elements that may not be displayed as dynamic content in your feed. This includes your personal headline, roles, and —  of course — keeping any endorsements disabled as recommended by your home office.

If you’re interested in the full presentation, check out the video below!

Tip: Sharing card links

Have you ever wanted to share a card with colleagues or customers in an instant message, email, or other private channel? You can do just that by sharing a card’s URL from your Home page.

Getting the link

To get a card’s link just click on any card in your Home page. When it zooms, you’ll see that the URL now includes the card ID at the end. Just copy and paste this full URL into your tool of choice and the recipients will be taken right to the same card when they click it.


The card will of course reflect their own compliance and review status for their home office, so it’s completely safe to share outside of your organization. Gainfully will always ensure that the receiver doesn’t have access to unapproved tools or content.

What can I do with this?

A lot! You can post a link to a email group, add it to your Yammer or other workgroup channel, or send in a instant message. For example, if you have a team and want to coordinate a social media campaign, just send them a link to the card and note to post to LinkedIn.

Privacy considerations

Keep in mind that a card may not have been originally visible to the person you’re sharing with, so be careful that you’re not sharing restricted content. However, this also enables you to share “hidden” resources to particular customers, partners, or employees.

What Makes Clients Stay?

A recent article titled “Why Clients Fire Their Advisors” in ThinkAdvisor broke down some sobering statistics about why clients move to other advisors. The big takeaway? Communication and ideas matter. Of clients who left their advisors:

  • 24% cited lack of proactive contact
  • 23% said the advisor had not provided them with good ideas and advice

This tells us that maintaining consistent, engaging contact with clients can help retain as much as a full quarter of clients.

You have the tools to keep clients.

At Gainfully we recommend just such a proactive approach. Using your client list, sending an email update and keeping them engaged with content on social media takes just a couple minutes a week. Here are 5 actionable steps:

  • When it feels like it’s time to reach out to a client, it is
  • Keep your website and published resources up to date
  • Consider blogging and crafting original content
  • Utilize content curation to engage your clients via email
  • Social media touch points should all point back to your content

Read more on the report in ThinkAdvisor here.

Creating Cards: 3 Questions to Answer

One of the most common questions in content marketing is “where do I begin?” Content does not exist for it’s own sake: you create meaning for your audience by investing time and thought before you write your first word. So as you begin, here are 5 key things to consider when creating content and Cards on Gainfully.

What’s the Card’s primary goal?

This may seem simple, but it’s not. You may be tempted with the construction “grow _______” and insert “audience”, “shares”, or “engagement”. To truly advance a goal, we ideally need to identify a business goal.

As Jay Baer says:

“Content helps achieve business objectives, not content objectives.”

Examples of this might be “educate a consumer about core financial planning concepts” or even “surprise and delight a client,” furthering and deepening their relationship with the advisor (and consequently your connection with the advisor).

What does your brand value?

When crafting Cards you should always ask, “is this aligned with what our brand values?” And to further this, “is this something our brand is passionate about?” Content marketing should show – not tell – your values unambiguously.

Values are often embedded in your brand’s vision:

“We want to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.”

Wells Fargo“To be the most respected and referred financial services brand.”


What makes your brand unique?

Let’s face it. You have competitors. From both an advisor and client perspective being remarkable is one of the most important marketing assets you have.

An aside: Being remarkable, as Seth Godin writes, is not about differentiation.

“…the opportunity is to actually create something that people choose to talk about, regardless of what the competition is doing.”

For a deep dive we recommend the classic Purple Cow.

What makes you unique? Is it your focus on service? Are you progressively embracing technology that you are eager to evangelize? Speak to what make you unique.

4th of July Card Roundup

Ah, Independence Day. We can almost smell the grill from here. Let’s send you into the weekend with some highlights of effective Card sharing from throughout the Gainfully platform. Who stands out for social sharing leading into this holiday weekend?

Your car is pulling a parade float…

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.01.18 PM

By Allstate: Go to Gainfully Page 

What we love: Allstate’s team keeps it playful for the holiday and follows a tried and true formula. Surprising statement followed by a head scratching question. Did you find yourself thinking through their query? It did its job.


Celebrating on a budget

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.12.49 PM

By John Hancock: Go to Gainfully Page 

What we love: John Hancock’s team provides a clear, actionable article that’s perfect for advisors to share. It combines the fun of the holiday with a practical message that’s core to their values – and those of their customers.