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Social Sales with Midland National

Today we hosted several sales teams and extended a special welcome to the team from Midland National insurance (see our announcement about Sammons Financial Group). We covered the Gainfully experience end-to-to, with a special focus on key topics including:

  • Discovering the latest sales and content marketing from your companies
  • Automating distribution of content to social media in support of your social sales strategy
  • Becoming a go-to content resource for agents and advisors in your network

You can watch the entire webinar below (58:55 run time), the content of which applies to any sales professional utilizing Gainfully. If you are a financial professional and want to follow Midland National, follow this signup link to create a free account in about 30 seconds.

Thank you again for the great attendance today. Again, please send any support or compliance related questions to [email protected] and we’ll point you in the right direction!

2015 Analysis: Who Produces the Most Engaging Client Content

We’ve been crunching the numbers and are happy to present the first annual analysis of the brands supporting financial services content marketing. This analysis looks at which brands are producing content that is shared by financial services professionals with their clients and networks — an indication of their attention to the evolving nature of content marketing and service model to intermediaries.

The data is drawn from the Gainfully analytics, which was crunched from just under 900,000 data points. Over 4,200 individual advisors were involved in producing this data set. Anyway, to the rankings!

Client Engagement Score

The engagement score is based on client facing engagement, which is measured from social media, email, and web activity.

Rank,Engagement,Company, Score
5,↗,John Hancock,5.19
6,↗,Fidelity & Guaranty,3.97
7,↗,Western & Southern,3.41
9,↗,Raymond James,3.05
10,↗↗,Midland National,3.01
14,↗↗,Investment Centers,1.70
16,↗↗,Mainstay Funds,1.59
17,↗,Mutual of Omaha,1.55
18,↗↗,Russell ,1.39

Advisor Promoter Score

The promoter score is a representation of which content advisors want to promote, as measured by posts and emails created from content produced by the following brands.

[table colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
8,John Hancock,2.41
9,Lord Abbett,2.41
11,Western & Southern,1.96
12,Russell Investments,1.81
13,Fidelity & Guaranty Life,1.66
14,Raymond James,1.36
16,Allianz Life,0.90
17,Lincoln Financial,0.90
19,Northwestern Mutual,0.75
20,Mutual of Omaha,0.60

Introducing Microsites: Modern, Mobile-First Engagement

Gainfully Microsites are a unique, mobile-optimized solution designed to help today’s financial professionals and insurance agents better engage with their prospects and clients online. Unlike other advisor websites, our solution balances advisor branding with ease of implementation. Gainfully Microsites give advisors the flexibility to share personalized dynamic content, to showcase their expertise, boost visibility and attract new business.


Built on the innovative Gainfully Platform, Gainfully Microsites allow advisors to manage multi-channel social and web presences through a single dashboard, while remaining protected with our robust compliance functionality. Plus, Gainfully Microsites are available to all thousands of Gainfully users immediately — every post shared card can immediately be accessed through advisors’ social link.

Sharing with your social networks is an important part of branding yourself and building your business. But why is it that your posts always send people to some other website? Gainfully Microsites make it easy to keep and engage clients and prospects no matter how they discover your business. Advisors can create a free account or institutions can contact [email protected] about delivering Gainfully to your team.

Creating Cards: 3 Questions to Answer

One of the most common questions in content marketing is “where do I begin?” Content does not exist for it’s own sake: you create meaning for your audience by investing time and thought before you write your first word. So as you begin, here are 5 key things to consider when creating content and Cards on Gainfully.

What’s the Card’s primary goal?

This may seem simple, but it’s not. You may be tempted with the construction “grow _______” and insert “audience”, “shares”, or “engagement”. To truly advance a goal, we ideally need to identify a business goal.

As Jay Baer says:

“Content helps achieve business objectives, not content objectives.”

Examples of this might be “educate a consumer about core financial planning concepts” or even “surprise and delight a client,” furthering and deepening their relationship with the advisor (and consequently your connection with the advisor).

What does your brand value?

When crafting Cards you should always ask, “is this aligned with what our brand values?” And to further this, “is this something our brand is passionate about?” Content marketing should show – not tell – your values unambiguously.

Values are often embedded in your brand’s vision:

“We want to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.”

Wells Fargo“To be the most respected and referred financial services brand.”


What makes your brand unique?

Let’s face it. You have competitors. From both an advisor and client perspective being remarkable is one of the most important marketing assets you have.

An aside: Being remarkable, as Seth Godin writes, is not about differentiation.

“…the opportunity is to actually create something that people choose to talk about, regardless of what the competition is doing.”

For a deep dive we recommend the classic Purple Cow.

What makes you unique? Is it your focus on service? Are you progressively embracing technology that you are eager to evangelize? Speak to what make you unique.