LinkedIn is Changing. What Does it Mean for You?

We’ve been wondering when LinkedIn would update to reflect the much fresher, usable design on mobile, and on Thursday they gave us the answer.

Now joined at the hip with Microsoft, the updated will reflect much more of the “social” DNA present in the mobile app, along with a “fully modern” design experience.

For financial professionals, here’s a couple things to keep in mind as we watch these changes roll out:

Don’t Mistake the New Messenger


Messaging will be an even more prominent part of the user experience, feeling much more like Facebook’s chat application, which you may be familiar with from Be careful though: just like the previous chat experience on LinkedIn, messages may need to be captured and supervised by your home office.

Consider Your Profile Design


Along with the updated design across the board, the new promises to emphasize the graphics and art on your profile even more prominently. It’s worth taking a look at your profile banner and photo. Does it best reflect your business?

Static Content Rules Have Not Changed

The guidance on static content from FINRA has not changed in regards to your LinkedIn profile, so be wary of modifying any elements that may not be displayed as dynamic content in your feed. This includes your personal headline, roles, and —  of course — keeping any endorsements disabled as recommended by your home office.

If you’re interested in the full presentation, check out the video below!

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