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Tip: Sharing card links

Have you ever wanted to share a card with colleagues or customers in an instant message, email, or other private channel? You can do just that by sharing a card’s URL from your Home page. Getting the link To get a card’s link just click on any card in your Home page. When it zooms, …

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What Makes Clients Stay?

A recent article titled “Why Clients Fire Their Advisors” in ThinkAdvisor broke down some sobering statistics about why clients move to other advisors. The big takeaway? Communication and ideas matter. Of clients who left their advisors: 24% cited lack of proactive contact 23% said the advisor had not provided them with good ideas and advice …

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Creating Cards: 3 Questions to Answer

One of the most common questions in content marketing is “where do I begin?” Content does not exist for it’s own sake: you create meaning for your audience by investing time and thought before you write your first word. So as you begin, here are 5 key things to consider when creating content and Cards on Gainfully. What’s …

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4th of July Card Roundup

Ah, Independence Day. We can almost smell the grill from here. Let’s send you into the weekend with some highlights of effective Card sharing from throughout the Gainfully platform. Who stands out for social sharing leading into this holiday weekend? Your car is pulling a parade float… By Allstate: Go to Gainfully Page   What …

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