North American social sales

Powering Sales Professionals at North American Insurance

Today we welcomed the North American sales team (see our announcement about Sammons Financial Group) to the Gainfully platform. We covered the Gainfully experience end-to-to, with a special focus on key topics including: Discovering the latest sales and content marketing from your company Automating distribution of content to social media in support of your social sales strategy Becoming a …

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Topics: Discover Content & Personalize Gainfully

We’re thrilled to add the latest discovery feature: topics. Topics are available on every content card, enabling you to discover content and also personalize your most relevant topics for your entire Gainfully experience! Discover Related Cards Topics appear on every card, enabling you to click and discover related content from across the platform. Looking for …

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Social Sales with Midland National

Today we hosted several sales teams and extended a special welcome to the team from Midland National insurance (see our announcement about Sammons Financial Group). We covered the Gainfully experience end-to-to, with a special focus on key topics including: Discovering the latest sales and content marketing from your companies Automating distribution of content to social …

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Welcomes Sammons Financial Group Companies!

We’re thrilled to announce Sammons Financial Group companies have joined Gainfully’s compliant content platform for financial professionals, serving their thousands of agents and advisors with engaging content resources. With Gainfully pages for both Midland National and North American, Sammons Financial Group is empowering appointed agents, advisors, and institutional partners with enhanced access to marketing and …

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Lincoln Investment Joins Gainfully’s Platform

Lincoln Investment, a leading broker-dealer with over 800 financial advisors nationwide and serving over 270,000 clients representing over $24.7 billion in assets, has chosen Gainfully as a compliance-supported social media platform for its advisors. Gainfully is thrilled to support their advisors’ growth. Gainfully is now the leading network for financial professionals, brokerage, product, and service institutions, and enabling the sharing of …

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3 Social Models Broker Dealers Need to Avoid

Enabling financial professionals  — advisors, brokers, agents, wealth managers — to not just use but succeed with social media marketing poses a number of challenges. Regulatory compliance, combined with the need to generate an order of magnitude more client-facing content is a perfect storm for firms juggling many issues like DOL compliance, or simply avoiding the hazards with existing …

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A New Home Experience

We’re thrilled to introduce an improvement to the Gainfully advisor experience that brings together the most important parts of the platform into a single view. In the new Home experience you’ll find your sharing schedule, analytics, connection requests, and new content all in one place. Questions or feedback? Just reach out to us at Our …

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Delaware Life

Gainfully welcomes Delaware Life to the Platform

We’re happy to announce Delaware Life has joined Gainfully’s compliant marketing platform for financial professionals to provide its professional partners and institutions with enhanced access to marketing and sales support materials. A leading insurance provider based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Delaware Life is focused on delivering cutting-edge marketing and sales support services to agents and advisors, …

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New: Client Engagement Improvements

We’ve made some quick but exciting improvements to the microsite experience. Here’s why: To make engagement easier, we increased the size of the floating action button, to put your contact information more closely at hand for clients To make the page even more dynamic, we added an on-load effect, showing the clients how they can …

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